After a premonition saves the lives of six people onboard a doomed flight
to Paris, the survivors start dying in strange ways. Is it coincidence...or inescapable fate? FBI agents Mulder and Scully are assigned to the case
and must figure out Death's design before it's too late.
The concept for the 2000 film Final Destination started life as a spec script for The X-Files, originally called Flight 180. If you squint, you can see remnants of the structure of a typical X-Files episodes in the final movie, especially during the scenes featuring the two male FBI agents. 

With over 200 episodes of X-Files at my disposal to pick and choose scenes, lines of dialogue and shots, I can create a more-or-less complete narrative mash-up of the two properties. This means inserting Mulder and Scully in place of the two original agents, cutting back on R-rated material from FD and re-scoring the film with Mark Snow's music from the TV show.