After spending a few years away, Norman Bates comes home and finds work at a diner to make ends meet. His new flame Mary Loomis turns down the advances of local creep Mr Toomey. Norman learns that his overbearing Mother is coming for dinner...tonight! He must put the house and motel in order before her arrival, all while proving to his nosy Mother-in-Law that he's a good man.​​​​​​​
This edit transforms a feature-length slasher movie in a (mostly) sanitized 80's sitcom. As good as it was, PSYCHO II always felt a little TV-ish to me. The interactions between the characters, situations and the locations all screamed "80's sitcom" to me. Aside from bringing the movie to more or less standard sitcom length, I re-did many sound effects and, with the help of other sources, re-edited some scenes to give them completely new meanings.