Twenty years after her fateful encounter with masked killer Michael Myers, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is now living under a new identity, far from Haddonfield. But "The Shape" tracks her down to the school she is working
at, and stalks her teenage son and her friends, forcing her to face her demons once and for all.
HALLOWEEN H20 was released in 1998 and falls right in the post-SCREAM slasher "renaissance". Therefore, while the concept and performances of H20 are stellar, the cinematography, editing and music were all influenced somewhat negatively by the mega-hit that was Wes Cravens's 1996 movie. Also, studio interference resulted in a music score that was mostly scrapped at the last minute and replaced. These changes make the movie feel disjointed and lacking identity.

My edit attempts to fix these issues by trying to get out of SCREAM's shadow and making the movie feel more like a thematic and stylistic successor to the first two movies in the franchise. My goal with this edit was to bring back a more serious atmosphere, worthy of the previous entries in the franchise, all while trying to minimize the late 90's slasher aspects. You can download a smaller encode of this fanedit here.